Why the Customer Must Come First

When a business places the needs of the customer ahead of its own interests, they are making an investment. At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, our goal is to help you meet and exceed your CPA goals by finding the best plan possible for each person to give them a better tomorrow.

The relationship is a healthy one. We identify the consumer’s needs and make sure that they are being shown plans that will fit their specific situation. In turn, when they are transferred, they are ready to complete the buyer’s journey.

For a Medicare agency, this type of relationship leads to higher customer satisfaction and lower churn. There is no doubt that there’s a direct relation between long-term success and the way the consumer feels about the transaction. Warm leads are happy leads.

We strive to excel in customer care and to us, putting them first isn’t just a strategy – it’s our culture.

Why are their needs important?

The customer is why we’re all here. Without them, we wouldn’t be in business in the first place. We must remain flexible to stay compliant with CMS regulations as well as adapt to the consumers’ ever-changing needs.

Failing to do so results in low-quality leads and a higher churn rate for your agency. The consumer has a terrible experience and it leads them to a feeling that they’re just not getting what they need.

At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, we’ve built a process that is unique to the industry. We use deep-quiz funnels to determine the exact benefits someone wants and needs. Then, based on our Insuretech stack, we deliver three ideal plans that they are eligible for. These plans are sorted specifically for the user based on their personal situation and the benefits that are available in their area.

Finding the right fit

Our strategies are valuable to our lead base and to your agency because they educate and inform the consumer. They can sort through the plans with our agent buyers and feel confident throughout the process.

We deliver consumers who talk with your licensed agents in a “yes or yes” mindset about the best plans available to them in their unique situation. When the consumer understands what the best plan is for them, they enroll easily and stick since any switch goes to a less-than-ideal plan for them.

Putting the customer first is essential to ensure low churn, it is also essential for a good customer experience.

We are laser-focused on helping customers. We want to find the right plan for their specific situation and enable them to make the best choice. When the consumer understands what the best plan is for them, they enroll easily and stick since any switch goes to a less-than-ideal plan for them.

Let’s build a long-term relationship

Our best buyers have 25 agents or more, with the sweet spot being in the hundreds of licensed agents. We have programs from warm transfers to scheduled appointments, and data leads that can fit virtually any situation.

Click here to contact us today and learn how we consistently supply the high-quality leads your agency is looking for and how we can build a long-term relationship that’s a win for all involved.

Instead of just giving you a list of "new leads", we connect and set you up with high-quality, high-intent, pre-qualified sales meetings.