Reduce Churn with Warmer Leads

As you focus on growing your Medicare agency, there are many obstacles to consider. One of the biggest worries of any business is turnover in the customer base, or what is commonly referred to as churn.

It’s difficult to gauge success if you aren’t paying attention to the failures along the way. Sure, you’d all like to retain every customer your agency comes across, but that’s unrealistic.

Simply put, when the consumer becomes unhappy, they will stop doing business with your agency. If you want to retain them, then you need to address their satisfaction with you and the services they receive.

Save, save, save

Studies show that it can cost up to five times more to acquire new leads than it does to retain them. High churn means higher costs.

It is in your best interest – and the carriers’ – to maintain a robust, quality lead flow and to make sure that customers are getting what they need. But how can you learn what they want? What are the benefits and services that will serve them well and achieve the best results for everyone?

What makes us different

At Medicare Express powered by 100Insure, our process of identifying and supplying high-quality leads is different. We have engineered a customer journey that is unique to the industry. Our deep-quiz funnels help determine exactly what someone wants and needs for benefits.

Then, with the strength of our Insuretech stack, we show them three ideal plans they are eligible for. We sort the plans specifically for the individual customer based on their personal situation and the benefits that are available in their location. Our marketing strategies are valuable to our lead base because they educate and inform the consumer about benefits that they might not have known about.

Medicare Express powered by 100Insure delivers leads who will connect with your licensed agents in a “yes or yes” mindset. Through our quiz path, the user comes to understand what the best options available for them are. They enroll easily and stick longer.

The consumer is king

Our process puts the customer first. They learn what they need and get shown the best possible options. Their custom-tailored journey leads to less churn and a better experience from start to finish.

From warm transfers, to scheduled appointments, we can provide your agents data leads that can fit almost any situation. We solve the retention problem for the carrier, create more profit potential for your agency, and most importantly provide a better experience for the customer.

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Instead of just giving you a list of "new leads", we connect and set you up with high-quality, high-intent, pre-qualified sales meetings.