Medicare Lead Quality

Purchasing leads for Medicare can be a time-consuming waste of money or an oasis of opportunity at scale. The buyer needs to be aware of the difference between high-quality, high-intent leads, and low-quality, low-intent leads.

The Source of the Leads

High-quality leads can come from many different sources:

  • Organic or paid search Paid social media
  • Paid digital media
  • TV
  • Direct Mail

These are all examples of places to acquire high-quality leads. Leads purchased from these sources will usually be expensive.

A place to buy low-cost, low-quality leads are co-registration paths. These are typically “incentivized leads” (i.e. enter your contact information to win a free iPad) with low purchase ability and intent.

Usually, these leads are resold numerous times to multiple competitors in the same industry, making it a poor consumer and agent experience.


The intention of the consumer entering his name into a form to be contacted goes a long way toward defining the quality of the lead.

In a “non-incentivized” lead flow, the more steps the user is required to take, the higher the likelihood they have high intent. If not, the person will bounce off the page and look for something else to occupy their time.

Alternatively, if a person only must enter their contact information into a series of forms to potentially win an iPad, their intentions toward hearing about your product or service offering is going to be low.

The Customer Journey

Consumers today face over 6,000 commercial messages every day. They’re adept at tuning out the noise and only seeing and hearing things that are of interest to them.

So ‘fishing’ in the right pond becomes the starting point of a successful customer journey. Does the lead provider know where to find the best leads? And assuming they do, what’s the experience of the user going through the path? The best lead paths provide value for the user by simply going through the path. This is easier said than done and, in most instances, the lead provider doesn’t take this into consideration at all.

However, when it is done well, the outcomes are universally positive for all.

Incentivized vs. Non-Incentivized Leads

This one isn’t complicated. If the person fills in their name because they want to win an iPad or other prize, they are not necessarily looking for your product or service.

People who respond to this type of offer are generally low-end consumers who will go through these paths multiple times to increase their odds of winning.

On the other hand, if they are actively searching for your solution online or otherwise come across an offer that will help them solve their problem, this has a good chance of working out well for you.

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